Established as a family owned business in 2009, Haavisto Industries Pty Ltd has capitalised on over 60 years of combined industry experience to build high quality homes, carpentry and electrical services.

We are a highly motivated team that actively strives to excel in the construction industry. Most of our work is sourced through referral and reputation.

The types of work Haavisto Industries Pty Ltd excels in is:

  • The design and construction of residential houses
  • Domestic and commercial electrical services including schools maintenance and service
  • Residential and commercial building services
  • Carpentry contracting


Managing Director

Ernie is a disciplined and motivated person who is passionate about his role in Haavisto Industries Pty Ltd. His background combines experience as an Officer in the RAAF as well as a tradesman in the construction Industry.

Having learnt the trade from his father in the early 1990’s Ernie spent his early working years as a self-employed carpenter. It was during these years that the initial seeds were planted towards business.

Ernie joined the RAAF in 1998 where he gained valuable leadership and operational experience. Some of his roles in the RAAF included overseeing the daily operations of a flying squadron, flying supervision and duties as the Unit Maintenance Test Pilot (UMTP). During his career he also completed three operational tours of duty in the Middle East including one as Detachment Commander.

Ernie left the permanent Airforce in September 2009 to join the team at Haavisto Industries Pty Ltd. His experience brings a unique blend of leadership, communication and time management skills that help complement the professional team in the delivery of high quality building projects that are completed on time and on budget.

Ernie holds a Class B Commercial Builders Licence and a Diploma in Building and Construction. He still maintains a connection with the RAAF serving as a pilot in the RAAF Active Reserves. He is married to Jo and together they have three great kids Liam, Amber and Laylah

Director / Building Project Manager / Carpenter

Erkki is a Master Craftsman at his trade. Leaving school as a youth to pursue his passion for carpentry, Erkki, an artisan by nature, has worked on hundreds of work sites in Canberra honing his skills and building up rapport amongst many long standing builders and tradespersons in the region. 

With over 25 years’ experience, Erkki has worked on a variety of projects from smaller jobs such as individual residential homes and renovations to supervising the construction of multi-unit complexes of up to 60 individual residences for major Developers. His reputation is of a man who gets the job completed professionally every time. 

Erkki values spending time with his wife Leia and three children Abigail, Sarah and Aaron. 

Outside of family time his recreational interests mainly involve utilising his skills to help his local community and he is often found serving his local church and its elderly members. With Erkki's passion to help people, he has also had the opportunity to contribute his skills in pro bono building for various local charities. 

Director / Electrical & Maintenance Operations Manager

Antti is a highly motivated person who is a pioneer by nature. Antti has continually grown in his leadership by looking to develop the skills and character required to be successful in both business and life in general.

After completing year 12 in 2001, Antti began an electrical apprenticeship in the ACT at the beginning of 2002. During his apprenticeship he was trained in residential wiring, both multi-unit developments, single dwellings and commercial wiring and installations. Towards the end of his apprenticeship, Antti worked as a mechanical services apprentice electrician and upon completing the apprenticeship in 2005, he gained valuable experience in the carpentry trade where he worked together with Erkki for over almost 2 years.

In 2007 Antti then moved to Melbourne where he founded Haavisto Industries Pty Ltd in June of 2009. He began as an Electrical Contractor and immediately broadened his horizons by completing the Clean Energy Council Design and Install Grid Connect Accreditation which enabled the company to complete in the renewable energies market. Antti relocated back to the ACT at the end of 2010 and was instrumental in the acquisition of School Electrical Services in 2012.

Antti is married to Elizabeth and together have a son, Samuel, Antti is passionate about his young family and also values the time he gives to his local church. He has been consistently volunteering his time by helping with the youth aged people of the church and also in leading the creative ministries team.

Antti operates with an unrestricted A Grade Electrical licence, a current ACMA Open Registration and has a Clean Energy Council Grid Connect Accreditation. He has also recently acquired a refrigerant handling licence from the Australian Refrigeration Council.